Staging—Small, Medium or Large; we can help you with any size that you need.

Our Component Stages can be constructed to the size that you need to make your event happen.

We also have mobile stages that can be transported to remote events and/or be taken on the road.

Our small mobile stage measures 4.8m wide by 6m deep and is usually used for bands, choirs and small dance groups. The medium stage consists of the small stage with wings attached to the front sides to create a frontal measurement of 7.2m with a middle width measurement of 4.8m and a middle depth measurement of 6m.

Our large mobile stage is 10m wide by 7.2m deep and is perfect for your outdoor festival or concert.

We also provide tiered seating for the convenience and comfort of your patrons and audience. All tiers can be covered if required.

Please follow the link below and complete the application form for our staging team to give you the best quote available according to what you need.

Staging Application Form

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Partion Staging Mobile Staging