With the majority of our crew having a background as performing musicians we understand the importance of quality and reliable backline and technical backline support. That is why have tailored our expanding range of backline hire equipment to suit the demands of today's performing elite. For those of you who do not know what is meant by backline it refers to the musical equipment often supplied by a festival or venue for touring artists and musicians to share on the show day. We stock a range of highly requested industry standard brands as seen below. If you have a rider request for something more specific please get in touch with us as our contacts within the industry may allow us to get a better deal for you especially as part of a package.


Tama, DDrum

Fender, Ampeg, 

Roland, Yamaha


Drum Kits / Percussion / Drum Carpets

Guitar / Bass Amplifiers


Misc accessories, music stands, Shot Bags etc

If you need a experienced backline manager or tech to come along to your festival our tour to ensure everything runs smoothly and is ready for the show check out the Backline Management section of our website here.

It is worth noting that although we are located in Morisset, Silhouette Sound can deliver backline hire to Sydney and Newcastle areas for a small fee, please get in contact with us for further information.