Corporate Event Production

Here at Silhouette Sound we pride ourselves on not only being able to meet but exceed the expectations of our corporate clients both with the end product we are able to deliver come event day and the quality customer service along the way. Being a full circle production company means that we are able to source audio, lighting, vision and stage solutions to suit your needs and you won't have to worry about will any of the systems clash or not work together. 


From your first interaction with us we go into our planning stage which starts with trying to find out as much about the event, its purpose and its desired impact on the audience so we can try and do as much as possible to help in reach your goals. Whether it be a product lunch, wedding, presentation, meeting or public event the planning stage focuses on finding out what your needs are and then preparing a Audio Visual experience to suit.


This is where our team gets to show case what they are best at by executing cleanly and professionally everything that we have planned with you before hand to the highest standard. To improve your piece of mind on the event day we can have one of our experienced crew stay on hand to sort any issues like that surprise power point your CEO has decided to give or that last minute run sheet change due to the guest of honour running late. Once the event is over our crew will pack it all down efficiently and make it look like we were never there.