A quality lighting show can really enhance the mood of any show or event, this is why our lighting hire department stock a range of conventional and modern LED lighting fixtures, including fixed position and moving head lighting fixtures along with intelligent lighting control systems to match. Along with all of the auxiliary lighting systems such as haze, low fog and dimmer racks to ensure that the lighting show looks as high quality as can be. Wether it is some classy uplighting at an awards dinner, a small floor package for an intimate gig or a full on moving head show for touring international music artist we have the equipment and the knowledge to enhance the mood and give any event a bit of wow factor. 


For our lighting show to compliment and enhance the mood and context of your event we first need to know what this is. This is why the planning stage for our lighting shows starts out with finding out as much as is needed about what type of event you want us to be involved in, what look you are going for and the desired impact you want our lighting show to have at your event. Our lighting design team will then formulate a plan and do any pre-programming work as necessary to enhance the efficiency of the lighting team come show day.


The execution of the lighting show is critical and is why we trust our team of experienced operators and riggers to give your show the wow factor efficiently and safely. Depending on the complexity of the lighting rig for your show will depend on the amount of time it takes to rig, test, focus and program your show to allow it to reach it's full potiental. Once the gig is over we will pack it all down and make it look like we were never there.