Production management

The best way we could describe our approach to Production Management is We Take Your Creative Ideas And Turn Them Into A Technical Reality.  Meaning that our Production Management Service is a full circle service that takes care of all your production needs from obtaining quotes and doing the initial site inspection to watching the smiling faces walk out the venue gates after the last encore has been played. Some key parts of our Production Management Service includes;

  • Working to and within the event scope to affirm your events message
  • Unique and custom production designs
  • Planning, Organising and Implementing all aspects the Production including staging, audio, lighting, visual, special FX (lasers, smoke, pyro technics), backline, power distribution, and logistics equipment (such as trucks, forklifts and EWPs)
  • Sourcing quotes and booking items to be within the production budget
  • Liaising with Artists / Performers to ensure their production needs are met effectively and efficiently 
  • Working with your events team for an smooth and efficient bump in, event and bump out
  • Sourcing, directing and a managing experienced and competent personnel for all production roles
  • Providing necessary risk assessments and ensuring all production personnel and equipment meet or exceeds relevant WHS requirements
  • Providing other necessary documentation as required such as schedules, safety documentation, stage management manuals, noise management plan and environmental impacts

stage management 

Our experienced and competent stage managers are ready to ensure that any stage runs smoothly, safely and on time. With our Stage Manager's experience ranging from big festival stages such as THISTHAT to international Touring Acts to public festivals and ceremonies such as spot fest and ANZAC Day our stage managers know what it takes to ensure the show goes on including;

  • Overseeing, coordinating and enacting stage movements and change overs
  • Liaising with artists and production personnel to ensure all of the artists technical requirements are met on the day and handling any changes as they happen
  • Managing and delegating duties of stage hands (Silhouette Sound can provide stage hands)




    Backline management

    If you have a festival or show with a lot of backline that is going to be shared by multiple acts and artist having a dedicated backline manager can be more than helpful it can become a necessity. Backline Managers will ensure all the backline on the day is ready to perform and will deal with any technical issues that arise on the day including minor repairs, as well as transporting between stages if necessary.  They will also assist in the setup of any backline equipment including but not limited too;

    • Drum Kits & Percussion
    • Guitar Amplifiers 
    • Bass Amplifiers
    • Keyboards & Keyboard Amplifiers
    • DJ equipment
    • Non Instrument Backline such as music stands and music stand lights (sconces)

    It is important to note that a Backline Manager is a person who looks after the Backline as a whole and depending on the person on the day may not have detailed specific knowledge of a particular instrument but they will have enough knowledge to sort out basic issues, if you require a more specific instrument tech we can also provide this for your event. The type of specific instrument techs we can supply are;

    • Guitar / Bass Techs
    • Drum Techs
    • Keyboard Techs
    • DJ Equipment Techs

    For our backline hire click here.

    tour management / touring logistics

    Silhouette Sound is capable of providing experienced Australian music tour managers and touring logistics planners to help your show go from show to show, city to city, state to state and Australia to the world. We can assist with ensuring that artists, crew and equipment get safely from the end of the last song, to the hotel, to the next venue and start the first song all over again. Our tour management and logistics services can include;

    • Obtaining quotes and booking venues, accomodation, transport, equipment and personnel to a budget
    • Providing Production Equipment Logistics Transport
    • Overseeing and coordinating day to day movements of touring party
    • Liaising with venue personnel both in advanced and on the day of the show 
    • Looking after the little things that make a big difference
    Truck 1512x2016.jpg

    venue management

    We understand the demands and requirements for a venue to the highest quality production night after night to not only keep your patronage coming back through your doors but also the highest quality acts and touring artists, this is why we provide the highest quality personnel in a range of roles such as, audio, sound and vision operators, stage managers, stage hands and backline personnel. Being a production hire company means we have access too and can provide either full production systems or extra equipment to compliment existing venue assets as well as providing maintenance to both hired and existing venue equipment.